Leaking Balcony Repairs

One of the words that can describe a leaking balcony is “frustrating”. Not only because it causes damage to your house or apartment building in the short term, but it can lead to more structural problems in the future, which can be more complicated and costly to fix.
At Local Pro Tiling & Renovations, we want you to learn the warning signs that may lead to a leaking balcony, so you can get in contact with us and protect your home from any potential damage.

Causes And Signs Of A Leaking Balcony

  • Cracked tiles, lifting of tiles or drummy sounding tiles indicate movement and damage to the substrate.
  • Cracked grout or missing grout is a indicator of a leaking balcony, this will allow water access to the membrane and result in major and costly damage.
  • Calcified grout lines on the balcony
  • Water damage to paintor plaster on walls or ceiling is a high indicator of a leaking balcony.
  • Split perimeter seals will allow water access to the surrounding walls.
  • Damaged membrane or cracked membrane will allow water access to the support beams and cause structural water damage.

Balcony Or Terrace Leaks Cause Damage To Your Property

The moment you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you will know it is time to fix these issues before they start causing major problems.

Give us a call 0403270733 and step aside. Let Arcus Local Pro Tiling & Renovations’ highly qualified tradesman team make your balcony flawless.

Balcony Leak Repair and Waterproofing Specialists Melbourne

Save time, money and efforts and get your peace of mind by handing over your repairing projects in Melbourne to Arcus Services today. Our impeccable maintenance and repairing services guarantee your satisfaction from Day One.


  • Remove all damaged tiles and sheeting or screed from.
  • Check condition of the floor joists and reinforce or replace joists where applicable.
  • Install high quality industrial strength 22mm thick ScyonSecura Exterior FC Flooring.
  • Screed balcony to a drainage point to create a correct fall for water to drain.
  • Our licensed waterproofers will apply waterproofing membrane in accordance with Australian Standards AS3740 & AS4858.
  • Tiling & grouting balcony using any tiles you choose.
  • Repair any other damages caused by leaks, such as water damaged ceiling, water damaged plaster, painting.


  • We only use the best products available on the market with a backed up 7 to 10 year warranty.
  • By choosing us your getting a company where the director is a tradesman with over 15 years experience in Tiling & Waterproofing.
  • Licensed, Insured & Registered Company.
  • Free quotes and qualified tradesman advice.


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