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We Create Beautiful Custom Kitchens In Melbourne

Kitchens, since time immemorial, have been regarded as a meeting point for all members of the family also referred to as the heart of the home. At LocalPro Tiling & Renovations we specialize in standout design and use only the highest quality materials in any remodel we undertake. However, as well as high-quality, we also specialize in affordability. To help you accurately budget your next remodel, we offer free, no-obligation renovation estimates.

We provide detail oriented, well created and designed work. We will help you design your dream kitchen renovation, it’ll be beautiful and functional.

Your Kitchen Is More Than Just A Food Preparation Area

Melbourne kitchens are ultimately social spaces. However, kitchen design trends are constantly changing.

To make sure your next remodel stands the test of time, LocalPro Tiling & Renovations experts create detailed plans for every kitchen renovation.

During the design phase, our designers and cabinet makers, discuss material choices and kitchen colour schemes in meticulous detail.

How To Plan & Prepare For A Kitchen Remodel

When planning a kitchen renovation choosing the right company is essential. At LocalPro Tiling & Renovations, we make this step easy by offering free initial consultations and completely transparent pricing.

No renovation is too unique, striking, or rustic for us to accomplish. We can also be trusted to bring even the most luxurious custom kitchen remodels from concept to completion on time, and on budget.

Tips For Renovating Your Kitchen

Why are you renovating?

  • Thinking of selling your home and want to add value?
  • Do you need more storage and functionality?
  • Or you want a more inviting space for your family and friends?
  • Change the style of your kitchen, traditional, modern or classic kitchen design?

Consider your functionality and budget

  • Think about what electric appliances you use in the kitchen such as coffee machines, slow cookers, toasters.
  • TV’s are commonly used while cooking.
  • Using drawers instead of cupboards will give you a more efficient method of storage.
  • The lighting plays a big role in the kitchen, it needs to be bright for cooking purposes and more ambient for friendly gatherings.
  • Colour combination of kitchen, benchtop and tiles will change the feel of the room. Lighter colours will make the room more brighter and welcoming, darker colours will look good with combination of timber and good lighting.


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